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Member Information

President: Bob Kelly

Vice President: Ted Swogger

Secretary: Megan Higinbotham

Treasurer: Linda Lamp


  • Daniel Kubitza

  • Jerry Miller

  • Nick Micale


  • Dwayne Smith

  • Tom Adams

  • Sonny Gloff


  • Dave Bulford

  • Dave Vincenty Jr.

  • Mark Mccune

Membership Fees

$20.00 Family Membership
(Includes Husband Wife and children under age of 18 Years)

$10.00 Single person Membership

Meeting are held once every month
Saturdays are workdays at the fairgrounds

To become a member you can visit the
Main office, dues are to be paid yearly at the main office.

We thank all members for their time & Dedication
to make this show happen
each and every year!

Thank you NPSGHA!


  • Annual Meeting and Banquet

   Where:  Hugo's Restaurant
    When: To Be Announced!

More Info:

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